Antique Silk Caucasian Kaitag Embroidery Textile 49904

Size: 2 ft x 3 ft (0.61 m x 0.91 m)

Magnificent Antique Silk Caucasian Kaitag Embroidery Textile, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Caucasian Rug, Circa Date: Late 19th Century This striking antique Caucasian Kataig silk embroidery textile features stylized roosters and whimsical floral elements based on traditional motifs. Designs of the Kaitag often draw together elements of Safavid Persian art in a way that has come been compared to the abstract designs of Paul Klee and Matisse. This made them popular collector pieces in the mid-20th century and contemporary design.

The design of this antique textile uses a simple color palette that consists of tans and browns, blues, red, and ivory. It uses a high degree of contrast to create a design that pops out at the viewer and catches the eye.

The piece has horizontal and vertical symmetry with a distinctive central design, although there is a formal center of the piece, this is not the focal point. The design could be considered an all over design consisting of stripes. The antique rug is directional with a distinctive top and bottom, as well as a distinctive direction horizontally. It could be used to point to other elements in the room and draw the eye in a specific direction.

The design consists of three bands of motifs. The first two are complete, but the third appears to be slightly cut off, as if it extends beyond the border of the textile. This is a unique design feature that reminds one that this is a handmade antique Caucasian piece, rather than machine woven. In addition, one will notice that on the third row one of the paisley designs appears to be inconsistent with the colors used in the same design element on the other bands. This makes this textile a one-of-a-kind collectible that would be an excellent addition to any home interior decor style.

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