Impressive Antique Caucasian Akstafa Rug 71162

Size: 4 ft x 8 ft 5 in (1.22 m x 2.57 m)

Impressive Antique Caucasian Akstafa Rug, Country Of Origin: Caucasus, Circa date: 1900 – Designers often choose the perfect rug first and use it to inspire the colors and theme of the room. This gorgeous antique Caucasian rug is perfect for creating a casual, tribal feel in the space. Its rug colors are gentle and earthy with motifs that have ancient origins in the region. It is a beautiful piece that has a home crafted feel and luxurious texture.

Akstafa is known for their antique rugs that are longer but that do not classify as runner rugs. A long and narrow ratio is common, which makes them versatile and well-adapted to modern architecture. As many of us now find the need to create offices within our homes, and this rug is the perfect size for a creative and productive space tucked away in the corner of a larger room. It is also the perfect size for a smaller urban dining room table or a conversation area in front of a fireplace.

Akstafa rugs, which are also coming from the same area as the iconic antique Caucasian Shirvan rugs, are highly prized and seldom found on the market. This captivating tribal rug will make a striking first impression and is the perfect size for a modern long, narrower kitchen. Regardless of where you decide to use it, this rug adds its unique character and charm to the space. The geometric style of the motifs makes them perfect for a range of modern interior styles.

Akstafa rugs are made in the region of Shirvan that is known for its inventive designs using ancient symbols that are closely connected to its tribal beliefs and cosmology. In this rug, you can see the symbol for burdock, which is protection from the evil eye. This is another element that gives these Caucasian rugs a special personality and makes them the perfect foundation for a cozy sanctuary away from the world. Adding in a few throw pillows using the colors of the rug and lots of plants in the room allows you to create the perfect space for reading, relaxing, or enjoying the company of friends and family.

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