Antique Round French Art Deco Rug By Leleu 70379

Size: 9 ft 10 in x 9 ft 10 in (3 m x 3 m)
Origin: French Rugs

Gorgeous Antique Round French Art Deco Rug by Leleu, Country of Origin / Rug Type: French Rug, Circa Date: 1920 – This masterpiece is the creation of an artist who is considered to be the father of the Art Deco movement. This rug was created in the 1920s at a time when the Art Deco movement was at its peak. The Art Deco period is defined by a return to simplicity in artistry and design. The shapes became simple, often containing only a single shade of color.

The patterns fit together with geometric precision. This gives this French rug, and other pieces of the Art Deco movement a refined and formal quality that speaks of elegance and sophistication. The colors often contrast, helping to define the simplicity of the shapes and design elements further.

Sometimes, Art Deco pieces used bolder color combinations, but this piece seems to be the exception. The background uses only two colors of neutral browns and grays. The artist used only a few accents of red and chocolate to emphasize the line and overall form of the design.

The Art Deco movement was an answer to the garish and overstated designs of the Victorian era. This piece by Jules Leleu uses a bit more refined color combination that is often seen at the beginning of the era. Later, more vibrant color combinations would dominate as the movement progressed. This piece is recognizably Art Deco, but it also has the regal quality that was first introduced in the 1920s show in Paris, and that marked the launch of the movement.

This gorgeous piece is perfect for a vintage space, where it will bring its classic Art Deco elements, but the neutral colors and simple design are also a complement to modern design trends, too. It could be used as part of a retro-inspired look that pays tribute to the past, but it is also aligned with modern style trends and would be an eye-catching piece for any contemporary space.

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