Mood Rugs

Learn More About Antique Persian Mood Rugs and Carpets

Mood Rugs – Mood (also spelled “Moud”) is a major weaving center in the province of Khorassan in eastern Persia. Mood rugs are quite distinctive for their extremely fine workmanship. With a long history of carpet making dating far back to antiquity rugs these weavers display a technical virtuosity using incredibly dense, intricate, small stylized floral patterns.

Antique Mood rugs are of excellent quality and made with the finest wool. Across the wide world of antique Oriental rugs — and even specifically within the world antique Persian rugs — Mood rugs have long been recognized as being the most desirable and the most attractive of all. Admirers and collectors of the finest antique carpets and rugs pay especially close attention to Mood rugs, which, perhaps more than any other style, represent the soaring heights of artistic achievement that are achieved by the most talented rug makers.

Everything You Want to Know About Rugs from Persia

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