Antique Tribal Paisley Persian Malayer Runner Rug 50499

Size: 3 ft 7 in x 12 ft 2 in (1.09 m x 3.71 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Tribal Paisley Design Antique Persian Malayer Hall Runner Rug, Weaving Origin: Persia, Weaving Date: 1920’s –  Steeped in centuries of tribal tradition, this antique Persian Malayer rug adds a sense of timelessness and antiquity to any long and narrow space. The rich history and weaving tradition of this Persian carpet is apparent in its use of color and fascinating elongated Paisley design symbols.

This antique hallway runner rug combines both floral and geometric elements. It does so in a way that speaks to the viewer in an artistic language that does not really need to be understood in order to be appreciated its timeless beauty.

This Persian paisley design runner rug seems to lack any apparent symmetry. It’s overall design focuses of the magnificently primitive and elongated Paisley or boteh design motif. This rug design symbol is found in traditional Persian rugs as well as art and would later become known as the Paisley in the West. The word formally translates into bush or shrub in the Persian language.

The boteh has evolved many meanings throughout different cultures in the Orient. It is known as the seed of life, a symbol for fertility, good luck, and abundance. Regardless of how it is translated, the beauty of this tribal rug is certain to bestow a feeling of sophistication and abundance on any space.

The designer of the antique Oriental rug carefully fit the main design into the space horizontally. He or she also made sure to render the design is such away that it appears to extend beyond the confines of the rug’s surrounding borders. This makes the Persian paisley design Malayer runner rug appear to be longer that it is and will also make any space look bigger as well.

This is an example of an antique rug that has a sense of formality but does not stray from its tribal and primitive origins. It will be a breathtaking addition to any interior design that requires a long, narrow rug.

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