Antique Ivory and Blue Dragon Chinese Design Room Size Area Rug 46921

Size: 8 ft x 10 ft (2.44 m x 3.05 m)
Origin: China

This dazzling antique Chinese medallion rug depicts an exquisite selection of dragons paired with bian fu bats, shou motifs and a host of powerful symbolic devices.

Chinese Rug, China, c. 1920– Art, culture and mythology are represented beautifully in this exquisite antique Chinese dragon rug. The understated medallion composition revolves around an impressive central dragon figure with bold serpentine contours accompanied by a flaming ball and vaporous clouds. Benevolent, powerful dragons appear again in the novel, lavishly styled spandrels where the figures flank the iconic flaming pearl, a Taoist symbol of wisdom. Animated expressions, precisely drawn facial features and carefully outlined scales enhance the perfectly detailed dragon figures, which are accompanied by a host of auspicious border motifs. Lovely stylized cloud clusters decorate the posh main borders along with alternating bian fu bats and shou symbols, which are revered for their symbolic powers. This beautifully executed antique Chinese rug features a fantastic Eastern composition with an implied medallion and a carefully selected compilation of auspicious figures.

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