Antique Indian Amritsar Hallway Runner Rug 41971


Size: 2 ft 4 in x 22 ft 5 in (0.71 m x 6.83 m)
Origin: India Rugs

This elegant antique Oriental Amritsar rug from India has a classic Persian pattern of interlacing vinescrolls and palmettes.

Soft Colored Unusually Long and Quite Narrow Antique Indian Amritsar Runner Rug, Weaving Origin: India, The Approximate Weaving Date: 1900 – This twenty-two and a half foot hallway runner rug comes from Amritsar, located in the state of Punjab in India. Amritsar is considered a holy city and is the site of the Golden Temple, the holiest of all religious complexes in Sikhism. Amritsar rugs differ significantly in style from other Indian rugs. They are generally made of wool woven on a cotton base, using a double weft.

Created in a palette of soft, earthy tones, this particular antique Amritsar hall runner features a palmette motif with a floral border and a bit of vine scrolling in the center, which creates a look similar to a medallion pattern. There are tiny, delicate flowers woven throughout the antique rug. The design appears minimal at first, but further inspection shows that it is both elegant and intricate. Each section was obviously well thought out. Each seemingly minor detail contributes to the whole in a way that is really quite something.

Though the colors of this beautiful antique Indian Amritsar hallway runner rug  are somewhat muted, the contrasting techniques make all the colors standout beautifully. The majority of the larger palmettes are two-toned, and many of the figures were woven in with darker outlines, lending an illusion of depth to the rug, as some parts of the design seem to fade into the background while others appear to stand very much in the foreground.

The effect of this contrasting and outlining is woven art that draws the eye again and again, each time finding new, previously overlooked details. The sheer length of the runner lends to this effect, as it would be very difficult to take in the whole of the pattern all at once.

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