Antique Hallway Caucasian Karabagh Runner Rug 43178

Size: 3 ft 8 in x 10 ft 6 in (1.12 m x 3.2 m)

Scalloped medallions in pairs alternate with large palmettes down the field of this impressive antique Karabagh.

Antique Hallway Caucasian Karabagh Runner Rug, Origin: Caucasus, Circa: Late 19th Century – What do you see when you look at this antique Oriental rug? Flowers, certainly, but one can’t help but see something more as well. Is it fire? Rays of sunlight? With the right frame of mind, one could even see the mane of a lion. This gorgeous antique Caucasian Karabagh hallway runner rug, hailing from the Karabagh rug region of modern-day Azerbaijan and Armenia, brings all of these motifs to mind.

The Caucasian rug’s bright, warm colors stand out sharply against the darker background and are framed by a beautifully border. The frame, meanwhile, contains a repeating pattern. It consists of simple floral shapes and bold straight lines that come together in an elaborate look, framing larger shapes of the interior design.

This is a beautiful example of a carpet from Karabagh, woven by an artisan in the 1800’s. The carpet-weaving industry has long been a primarily female art in this part of the Caucasus. Although Karabagh carpets were possibly being woven as early as the 13th century, the art form exploded in popularity in the 19th century, when stunning antique carpets such as this one were produced for sale and exported far and wide.

The bold colors and crisp lines in this beautifully-preserved antique hallway Caucasian Karabagh runner rug will draw the eye of any viewer no matter where it’s displayed. And surely, this carpet would look just as fitting hanging upon the wall of a museum or mansion just as well as the walkway of an ancient palace. Even simply viewed on a computer screen, it draws in the eye, making it impossible to look away.

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