Antique Room Size Persian Khorassan Rug 49655


Size: 11 ft 4 in x 14 ft 6 in (3.45 m x 4.42 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautiful And Extremely Decorative Antique  Room Size Persian Khorassan Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rug, Circa Date: 1920 – This tranquil gray color background antique Persian Khorassan rug is a magnificently decorative rug with a soft and mellow allure. Idyllic scenery in neutral tones is tastefully rendered across an earthy charcoal colored background in the central field. The border that encompasses this beautiful Persian rug similar elements are sketched on the wide framing border. A subtle hint of light sky blue is interspersed throughout the entire facade of the antique carpet for an uplifting and soothing charm.

The central field design of this antique Oriental rug showcases a lush amalgam of different flowers, vine scrolls and leaves. They are artfully woven together to create both a sense of symmetrical coherence and wistful spontaneity. The entire antique rug exudes a special organic free flowing naturalistic beauty that is rarely matched.

Upon first glance, the patterns in this magnificent area rug appear to be flung together in a whimsical haphazard fashion, which is part of the natural charm of this room size Persian Khorassan rug. However, upon closer inspection, more structured, complex and intricate designs and color schemes emerge. Several exotic flowers, which are considerably larger than the rest, are arranged in rows. The elegant vines contribute to this unifying effect by curling and twisting in kaleidoscopic patterns.

The framing border that surrounds this beautiful room size rug completes this central illustration with a truly exquisite flair. Large cypress tree design motifs in the charcoal tone of the background are etched in precise increments along the neutral brown border. Intricate floral decorations in a beautiful soft light blue and tan occupy the rest of the room size Persian Khorassan rug.

The light earth tone coloration, coupled with the all over floral design, make this antique room size Persian Khorassan rug quite easy to incorporate into almost any interior design approach. Regardless of the room or situation, this delightful and fashionable masterpiece will add a feel of sophistication, charm and fascinating elegance to any setting.

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