Antique Geometric Design Small Scatter Size American Hooked Rug 2553

Size: 3 ft 4 in x 4 ft 4 in (1.02 m x 1.32 m)

Antique Hooked Rug, Country of Origin: United States, Circa Date: 1920 — An eclectic and vivacious mix of colors sets the whimsical tone throughout this antique hooked rug. True to other rugs created during this era, the viewer is taken on a journey through an almost kaleidoscope-like vision of shapes and tones. From smoldering reds to cool blues, all types of colors are represented in the boxes and their triangles. The creator of the rug skillfully plays with negative space as they make the opposing triangles within each square the same size and shape, resulting in alternating visions of foregrounds and backgrounds with the earthy tones established along the rug’s center.

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