Antique Dragon Design Chinese Art Deco Rug 50122

Size: 12 ft x 15 ft 4 in (3.66 m x 4.67 m)
Origin: China

Antique Dragon Design Chinese Art Deco Rug, Country of Origin: China, Circa Date: Early 20th Century – For close to 100 years, these majestic Chinese dragon designs have guarded the watery worlds of this masterfully created antique art deco Chinese carpet. The dragon has been used as a symbol by several famous rulers in both Mongolian and Chinese history. The dragon was one of the four totems of the ancient nomadic tribes. Kublai Khan used it as his symbol, often wearing blue dragons on his robes.

Dragons are an important design symbol and represent the enlightened state, or the existence of the mind beyond the physical. The dragon design is associated with water and stands guard with the other symbols including the tiger, snow lion, foo dog and Garuda that is the spirit of the Bogd Khan mountain range. The dragon has been used in art, area rugs, architecture and textiles throughout the history of Mongolia and China.

The Chinese dragons also symbolize wildlife, thunder and the power of Mother Nature. To use this symbol in beautiful Chinese carpets such as this, is a statement that calls forth the ancient meanings of this symbol and the grand kingdoms who have used it throughout history. The stylized representations of the dragons give them a primitive or ancient feel.

The field’s background of the antique rug features and artistic and calming subway tile design in blue.  This creates texture and adds an architectural dimension the design. The artist who created this work took great care to make certain that the design was carried out with great attention to detail and precision. One of the unique characteristics of this antique dragon design Chinese art deco rug is that rather than all the dragons going in the same direction in the main field, the weaver chose to have the two on the side pointing in either direction while the corner dragons are pointing in. This is in contrast to the three dragons in the center who are all circling together the very central motif.

The roundel in the center is like looking through a window to the guardians of the watery realms. This is an enchanting and sublime piece both for its artistry and the symbolism that it represents. This antique Chinese dragon design rug is a rare treasure and would make an excellent addition to a collection that features unique pieces and carpets that are beyond those that one usually finds.

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