Antique Chinese Rug 46588

Size: 4 ft 4 in x 7 ft 4 in (1.32 m x 2.24 m)
Origin: China

This breathtaking antique Chinese rug immortalizes the flamboyant, benevolent dragon, the master of water and air, accompanied by the legendary flaming pearl.

Antique Chinese Rug, Origin: China, Circa: Early 20th Century – Based on classical mythology, this arresting antique Chinese rug features impeccably detailed dragons arranged in an understated medallion composition. Recognized for their auspicious powers, these celestial tian-long dragons are depicted with symbolic flaming pearls in an elaborate naturalistic pattern. A fringe of frothy white waves encircles the muted apricot field while highlighting the boundary between the sea and the cloud-covered sky. The astoundingly detailed dragons on the antique rug feature carefully outlined scales and a beautiful assortment of chimera features. These exquisite creatures are arranged in an innovative medallion composition balanced by pairs of supporting dragons that fill the corners. Elaborate poly-chromatic sunray borders emanating from artful ruyi-cloud guard-bands reiterate the fabulous celestial theme of this stunning antique Chinese dragon rug.

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