Antique Chinese Kangxi Emperor Qing Dynasty Tiger Pelt Yin Yang Design Runner Rug 71583

Size: 2 ft 7 in x 7 ft 8 in (0.79 m x 2.34 m)
Origin: China

Amazing Yin Yang Design Antique Chinese Kangxi Emperor Qing Dynasty Rug, Country of Origin: China, Circa date: 1700’s – This exquisite antique Chinese runner rug showcases intricate detailing and captivating patterns, making it the ideal piece to harmonize various design elements. Utilizing a harmonious blend of blue, cream, and brown hues, this antique area rug not only presents enchanting design intricacies but also imbues a sense of depth into its composition. These carefully chosen colors interact harmoniously, creating a striking soft contrasts against the warm and neutral cream background that is characteristic in many of the early Chinese Ningxia area rugs. The stunning blue bordering adds an artistic dimension, drawing the viewer’s gaze from the rug’s edges and corners towards the warm cozy center, where the focal point of this exceptional piece unfolds.

The field itself is made up of a tiger pelt design background. The tiger pelt design is rendered in a true brown which creates a beautifully juxtaposition against the lighter cream color of the background. As we inspect the field further, we come across the circular medallion designs that break up the repetitiveness of the tiger design in the field. Within one of these circles we find one of the most iconic and historical Asian design motifs – the iconic Yin Yang design in brown and cream.

The Yin-Yang design signifies the interplay of dualistic and complementary forces in the universe. It represents the dynamic balance between opposites, such as light and dark, male and female, and activity and passivity. The symbol emphasizes that these opposing forces are interconnected, interdependent, and in constant flux, illustrating the cyclical nature of existence. Achieving harmony and balance between Yin and Yang is seen as essential for health, well-being, and the overall order of the cosmos, reflecting profound philosophical and spiritual insights in Chinese culture, particularly within Taoism.

The Kangxi Emperor, was a significant figure in Chinese history. Kangxi was the fourth emperor of the Qing Dynasty, which ruled China from 1644 to 1912. He reigned from 1661 to 1722, making his reign one of the longest in Chinese history.

Kangxi is often regarded as one of the greatest emperors in Chinese history due to his contributions to consolidating and stabilizing Qing rule, expanding the empire’s territory, promoting cultural achievements, and fostering an era of relative peace and prosperity. His reign was characterized by efforts to bring ethnic harmony, economic reforms, and a strong focus on Confucian values. The Kangxi Emperor was part of the Qing Dynasty, not a separate dynasty itself. The Qing Dynasty succeeded the Ming Dynasty and was the last imperial dynasty of China, ruling for nearly three centuries.

For people who collect and love Chinese textiles and older Oriental antiques, a find like this tiger pelt Yin Yang design runner rug would be quite exciting!

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