Antique American Hooked Runner Rug 2510

Size: 2 ft 2 in x 10 ft 1 in (0.66 m x 3.07 m)

Woven with naturalistic bouquets over a subtle oatmeal-colored field, this traditional hooked rug captures the rustic spirit of early American designs.

Beautiful Folral Design Antique American Hooked Runner Rug, Country Of Origin: America, Circa Date: Early 20th CenturyHooked rugs are an extensive part of American artistic history. These antique rugs rose to prominence during the late 19th century and early 20th century. Many of these beautiful America rugs were crafted extensively using the latch-hook method of rug making, and were often made from spare scrap materials. As higher quality materials became available, these American Hooked rugs became more artistic and celebrated. In this antique Hooked runner rug, classic leaf elements are present throughout the foreground, gracefully set against the earthy palette in order to draw attention to their individual shapes. The composition is delightfully whimsical, as if to recreate a natural scene, where a stray wind may have blown the leaves into their current place.

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