Antique Artistic American Hooked Area Rug 2623


Size: 3 ft 8 in x 7 ft 5 in (1.12 m x 2.26 m)

A Captivatingly Artistic Antique Hooked American Area Rug, The County Of Origin: United States, The Rug’s Circa Date: 1920’s — This antique American hooked carpet features geometric designs that are simply magnificent and reminiscent of some of the most beautiful and iconic mid century modern artworks.

This antique carpet features many different geometric inspired design elements. It creates a tremendous amount of visual interest due to the geometric and square nature of the designs. While this design aesthetic is seen in vintage rugs, it is quite unusual in antique rugs.

Even though this beautiful American hooked rug is an antique, the design is timeless and is sure to fit in effortlessly with pretty much any interior design and decorating style. It has the appearance of being both modern and historic all at once which is the sign of a truly great work of art.

The more simple design around the edges of this antique American hooked rug makes use of negative space in a way that creates a fascinating complimentary frame. This outer linear pattern draws the eye around the edges of the Hooked rug. A variant richer color in the outer design is carried into the center, which results in drawing one’s attention from the outermost part of the antique Hooked rug towards the center and back again.

One of the most interesting elements of this antique American rug is the contrast and juxtaposition of it’s colors. The more neutral toned colors of the rug combined with the more colorful linear patters create a magnificent feeling of depth. The high contrast vibrant colors give this rug a more modern look, while the more earthy neutral color tones maintain this rug’s sophistication and elegance.

This particular antique Hooked American Area rug is extremely unique. This is mostly due to its more abstract more modern looking geometric design and combination of colors. This makes the antique American Hooked rug an interesting centerpiece for any home design.

Much like many of the better traditional American rugs developed during this era, there is less emphasis on definitive forms and more on abstract shapes and colors. The unique blend of square movements and elegantly simple color combinations allows this rug to stand out as a unique and attention grabbing piece of work. The several layers of borders serve to draw the eye inward along the fine blends of stripes and squares. The space at the center of the area rug is broken up attractively according to an eclectic pattern of rigid, grounding shapes and elegant colors.

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