Decorative Floral Antique American Hooked Runner Rug 2499


Size: 2 ft 3 in x 7 ft 10 in (0.69 m x 2.39 m)

With textural hooked pile, variegated yarn and bright flowers set over an earth tone ground, this runner is a tradition example of American style.

Beautiful and Quite Decorative Floral Antique American Hooked Runner Rug 2499, Country Of Origin: United States Of America, Circa Date: Early 20th Century – This magnificent antique American hooked rug was woven during the early 20th century. This magnificent runner rug features a textured hooked pile and is a traditional example of an American rug style.

The most eye catching features of this antique rug are the bright and vibrant flowers that run along the edges. These flowers are accompanied by bright colored leaves in several different colors including reds, blues, pinks and more. The flowers themselves are present in a variety of colors that make it a charming and eye catching piece. The flowers sit on an earth toned ground that make them stand out in a beautiful way.

This antique American Hooked runner rug is a runner size rug that measures about 2 feet by almost 8 feet. The patterns and style of this rug draw the eye along the length of this rug, helping to elongate the shape. The choice of designs and shapes within this rug showcase the skill of the weaver as a creator of design. Every element within this rug contributes toward elongating the shape and creating an elegant runner rug style.

Runner rugs are an elegant and eye catching centerpiece and this traditional style American rug is a stunning example of a rug in which the designs play off the shape to elongate it and create a work of art.

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