Antique 19th Century Dagestan Kaitag Embroidery 70085

Size: 1 ft x 2 ft 10 in (0.3 m x 0.86 m)

A Beautiful Small Size Antique 19th Century Dagestan Kaitag Embroidery, Country of Origin: Dagestan, Circa Date: 19th Century – This beautiful, primitive antique textile is a captivating Dagestan embroidery that would be perfect for many different uses within the home, office, or in a private collection. The gorgeous cranberry and tan colors juxtapose beautifully against the darker blue background color. The design of this beautiful antique embroidery is primitive, using spirals and concentric circles that would go well in a variety of  home decor approaches. The motifs are universal and found throughout many cultures. This unique antique Kaitag embroidery was created in Dagastan in the 19th century, when this area of the world was largely unknown to outsiders.

This antique 19th century Dagestan Kaitag is embroidered from edge to edge, using a stitch that creates ridges. The stitches are worked so that they create horizontal lines, but they also conform to the shapes in some places, giving it interest and reminding you that this Kaitag was lovingly created by human hands. One of the unique characteristics of the antique textile cannot be seen on the front of the Kaitag embroidery. The ground material for the antique embroidery has been pieced together from several different fabrics. This demonstrates the frugality of the person who created this piece and adds to its character.

This antique Dagestan Kaitag embroidery could easily be used as a small accent wall hanging tapestry, a table cover or in other of the many creative ways you could think of. It would make the perfect addition to an antique display or to add an organic, tribal feel to the space. The most beautiful characteristic of this embroidery is that it shows the connection to the human hands that created it over 100 years ago. This is piece of artwork that will make the perfect addition to any collection.

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