Antique 16th Century Ming Dynasty Dragon Chinese Fragment 47381


Size: 3 ft x 3 ft (0.91 m x 0.91 m)
Origin: China

Crafted during the illustrious Ming Dynasty, this 16th century Chinese creation typifies the beloved dragon carpet with its undulating body and celestial vapors.

A Remarkably Breathtaking as Well As Rare and Highly Collectible Antique 16th Century Ming Dynasty Dragon Chinese Fragment, Country of Origin: China, Circa Date: 16th Century – This wondrous 16th century Ming Dynasty dragon Chinese carpet is a mesmerizing example of this enduring, deeply symbolic design that embodies Chinese art and history. Sumptuous camel-tone pile colors the plush background and articulate surface details, which include ancient, powerfully symbolic motifs drawn in a graceful curve-linear style that’s still used today.

The dragon’s serpentine body artfully meanders in and out of the frame, providing ample space for the fiery dragon’s breath vapors and ruyi-scroll cloud bands that populate the monochromatic ground and cleverly disappear behind the dragon’s well-defined, perspectival body, which displays softly shaded scales. Crisp bistre accents outline the dragon’s armored back, tender underbelly and the distinctive symbolic motifs that make this antique dragon carpet such a definitive example of art and carpet weaving in China’s powerful Ming Dynasty.

This rare fragment is one of the prettiest and most beautiful examples of its kind. While we wish we could have seen the full antique rug in all its glory, we can enjoy just having a small section of it as well.  While most people who buy early Chinese rugs and antiques, do so to enhance their private collection, this example would be breathtaking if used as a decorative element in any home. Not only can you place this 16th century dragon rug on the floor, it has such a soft and magnificent presence that it would look just as captivating it you chose to hang it and use it like an antique wall hanging Tapestry rug.

But regardless on how you chose to incorporate this early Chinese dragon rug fragment in your home and life, area rugs and especially antique rugs, like this one, should stay in the family so that future generations could see and love it as well.

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