Animal Design Vintage African Kilim Rug 70725

Size: 9 ft 8 in x 15 ft 8 in (2.95 m x 4.78 m)
Origin: African Rugs
Style: Kilim Rugs

Magnificent Animal Design Vintage African Kilim Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Africa, Circa Date: Mid – 20th Century – This magnificent, earthy African rug features a menagerie of African animals running across a plain. Tribal and geometric elements reflect a primitive artistic style, making it perfect for today’s eco-friendly design styles. This magnificent animal rug uses neutral colors, which allows it to blend beautifully with this year’s popular color schemes. It will add interest and texture to a room of neutral grays and browns.

This vintage area rug was created in the mid-twentieth century when designers used primitive, tribal art to add interest and character to streamlined, space-age designs. Furniture styles of the time featured plenty of open space underneath seating, tables, and consoles. Artists took advantage of this space by filling them with interesting rugs and patterns.

Now, these furniture styles are once again finding their way into Nordic, Swedish, and Minimalist design styles. This flat woven kilim rug is the perfect complement for adding a feature piece and taking advantage of this design real estate that is once again a part of today’s architectural styles. Although this piece uses neutrals, its variation in pattern and form adds texture and allows it to serve as a focal point of the room.

This would be a beautiful piece underneath a glass-top table or in any other area of the room where its charming design can take center stage. This piece was created in the mid-twentieth century, but it also fits into today’s contemporary style trends. It is an unusual piece that is perfect for a mid-century collection or a retro-style space. In an ultra-modern space, this rug will serve as a contrast to linear designs and color-blocked spaces. The gentle colors of this piece allow it to add character to a room of light or neutrals color where it will create a space that is warm and inviting.

This is a large-size rug, which makes it perfect for defining an area in an open-plan home or office. Its light colors will make the space feel more expansive and open. It is the perfect match for accessories that reflect natural materials such as woods, basketry, and stone. Adding plenty of plant material and a few matching pillows throughout the space will help you create a look that reflects the natural world and the perfect sanctuary for relaxation.

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