We Buy Old Rugs and Carpets

We Buy Old Rugs and Carpets top hr

We Buy Old Rugs and Carpets, Antique Carpets, and Vintage or Used Rugs

To submit your rug to Nazmiyal, Please click here: Sell My Rug

We Buy Old Rugs and Carpets - Nazmiyal has been in the business of buying and selling antique rugs for the last thirty years. If you would like to sell your rug(s), Nazmiyal is interested to see what you have. We are always looking for old or antique pieces and we pay top market value to acquire them. We are happy to evaluate your rug and determine whether or not we should purchase it. If your rug is desirable for us to purchase, we will guarantee immediate payment.

Alternatively, you may have the option of applying the value of your rug toward the purchase of a different rug from our inventory. If neither of these options is possible, we will advise you on ways to secure the optimum price for your rug elsewhere. You never know until you ask an expert.

If you are interested in selling an antique rug, we will need the following:

1. At least three pictures (but preferably more) showing the entire carpet as well as details. You should also include pictures of the back of the rug taken as close up as possible. The pictures of the back show the structure of the rug, which is essential in evaluating its origin and quality.

Photo of this Entire RugClose up Photo of this RugPhoto of the back of this Rug

2. The approximate dimensions of the rug, length and width.

3. Information regarding the condition of the rug. Does it have wear, holes, tears, or stains etc.?

4. In addition, it is extremely useful to have information concerning the provenance of the rug - where it was acquired, who owned it before you and any other pertinent info. Such information can add considerably to the significance and value of a rug and may affect the decision whether or not to purchase it.