Yellow Background Art Deco Chinese Carpet 47564

Size: 9 ft x 11 ft 3 in (2.74 m x 3.43 m)
Origin: China

This rug is a fascinating study in the aesthetics of the Art Deco period, boasting a minimal fiels of ochre framed by a colorful field full of whimsy and experimentation.

Chinese Art Deco Rug, China, c. 1920 – Here is a gorgeous vintage Oriental rug, woven in the second decade of the twentieth century: a fetching piece of Chinese origin which explores both the whimsical and understated qualities often observed in Art Deco inspired rugs and carpets. This particular composition is most immediately characterized by its largely empty field, which effectively consists of a solid span of a gold, almost ochre tonality. The whimsy exemplified by this piece is primarily evident within its borders, the free treatment and unorthodox pallet of which effectively contrasts with the minimalism of the field. Semi-circular decorations form opposing corner pieces, as do pairs of rectangles. Tantalizingly simple zigzag lines also appear in the borders, disrupting what is otherwise a steadfast commitment to regular geometric forms. All of these factors work harmoniously together to leave the observer of this unique and charming antique rug with the impression of balance, whimsy, and careful execution – making it an exemplary and highly desirable Chinese Art Deco rug.

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