Vintage Moroccan Rug 70545

Size: 3 ft 1 in x 6 ft 1 in (0.94 m x 1.85 m)
Origin: Morocco Rugs

Beautiful Vintage Moroccan Rug, Country of Origin: Morocco, Circa Date: Mid 20th Century – Mid-20th century Moroccan rugs have an abstract quality that made them iconic in midcentury modern design. The Berber tribes of Morocco have a tradition of creating these masterpieces that goes back thousands of years. The designs are primitive and have an organic, natural feel. This one is reminiscent of animal fur, or perhaps zebra stripes. One could also see it as resembling a modern abstract with a graphic, geometric nature.

Berber rugs are the artistic creations of the women of the nomadic tribes who live in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Their designs are the result of thousands of years of tradition. Each tribe has its own unique look and designs that are recognizable and make them unique. One of the qualities that continues to draw people to them is their long, plush pile. They are made from local sheep that are known for their soft, durable wool.

Mid-20th century designers such as Ray Eames and Le Corbusier used these rugs to create a contrast to furniture that highlighted function and form. They provided texture in a room filled with plastic, steel, glass, and Lucite pieces. They create a gentle place for the feet to land and add visual interest in the open spaces below the furniture.

Today, we love them for many of the same reasons that midcentury designers did. They are a beautiful addition to modern décor styles, adding both texture and pattern to the design. This rug could easily transform a modern space with its contrasting geometric lines. It is perfect for any design from a layered Bohemian look to an ultra-modern or retro-inspired style.

Black and white continue to be perennial favorites in the world of interior design. Only now, designers mix it up by adding bold patterns. This rug is the perfect piece for creating this modern look in your home. The unusual design of this rug and cozy feel make it the perfect piece to create a space that lets your unique personality shine.

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