Vintage Tribal Brown Earth Tone Persian Paisley Bidjar Rug 72152


Size: 4 ft 2 in x 6 ft 5 in (1.27 m x 1.96 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

A Beautiful Brown Earth Tone Color Vintage Tribal Persian Paisley Design Bidjar Rug, Country Of Origin: Modern Vintage Persian Rugs, Circa date: Vintage – The Persian Bidjar rugs have a beautiful tribal quality that comes from centuries-old traditions passed down from generation to generation. These beautiful Persian rugs are known for being some of the most durable rugs as well as being some of the more facinating tribal area rugs.

Many of the these area rugs are similar to those produces in other regions around them, but you will also find some unique patterns and designs that are a result of the artistic choices of the individual weaver. Within each on of these Bidjar rugs, you can experience a bit of the personality of the weaver and the traditions that have been handed down to them through generations of carpet weavers. That is what makes the tribal / village rugs so unique.

One of the more beautiful motifs in these types of area rugs is the boteh / paisley rug motif, which represents a seed or flame. In this brown earth tone color rug, you can find a stylized boteh in the outer most guard border as well as throughout the field itself. In this case, the weaver chose to stylize the motif in a few different geometric design approaches. Other traditionally tribal motifs can also be found, including the diamond, geometric flowers, geometric people, birds and deer. There is a wonderful design nuance in this Bidar rug design that is somewhat unique. While we do see many area rug styles with mammals, in this one we can see a baby deer suckling which is beautifully and innocently rendered.

The symbols and larger geometric florals of this vintage Persian rug are beautiful. That said, the use of a limited color palette of soft earth tones and browns puts the focus on the individual design motifs as there is nothing to distract and fight for attention.

This vintage Persian Bidjar carpet is the perfect piece for so many varied interior design approaches. It has a warm and inviting feel through its limited color, tribal design, and connection to the traditions of the artist. People who are shopping for area rugs to buy for their interiors and want something that is extremally versatile and easy to work with, this vintage Bidjar rug would make a phenomenal option.

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