Vintage Tapestry by Hans Krondahl 48490

Size: 2 ft 9 in x 2 ft 11 in (0.84 m x 0.89 m)

Vintage Tapestry by Hans Krondahl, Mid 20th Century — This striking vintage tapestry, handmade by renowned designer Hans Krondahl, is a truly fascinating work of art. Abstract patterns comprised of bold primary colors run across the tapestry, vivid hues particularly striking against the neutral, pale background. Bright shades of blue, green, orange and red run together, suggesting both an artist’s palette and a bright world rich bursting tropical flowers and richly-plumed birds. The interplay of color in this vintage rug is particularly masterful, each burst of color complementing the other to create a vivid, bright piece bursting with life and imagination. The abstract pattern, gorgeous colors, and stunning design create a truly original statement piece.

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