Vintage Scandinavian Swedish Rug 47678

Size: 4 ft 4 in x 6 ft 5 in (1.32 m x 1.96 m)

This comely vintage rug from Sweden boasts two sides of beautiful blue, bordered by a charming geometric border.

Vintage Scandinavian Swedish Rug, Origin: Sweden, Circa: Mid-20th Century- Here is an especially charming vintage rug – a Scandinavian carpet that was designed and woven by the perennially popular rug-makers of Sweden during the mid-twentieth century. This attractive piece, with its gorgeous tones of blue, is primarily characterized by its simplicity of design, and the relative sparsity of the field. In this charming piece, different shades of blue are ingeniously utilized to create a dynamic energy, especially in the subtly striped field, which features a multitude of blue tones stacked horizontally. Abstract geometric figures of complementary shades of blue are arranged pleasantly along the perimeter of the field, serving effectively as a border. This piece is also noteworthy for its double-sidedness, featuring a reverse side that is effectively an inverted version of the front side. This reverse side, as beautiful as the front, boasts a dark blue field with even darker shades of blue as well as blue-violet tones that contrast brilliantly against the light blue tones that go into making the geometric figures which serve as the border. A simple design and a rich cross-section of blues and purples make this piece an especially appealing mid-century Scandinavian rug.

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