Vintage Swedish Kristianstad Lans Hemslöjd Kilim 49587

Size: 6 ft 3 in x 8 ft 1 in (1.9 m x 2.46 m)

Beautiful Geometric Vintage Swedish Kristianstad Lans Hemslöjd Kilim, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Scandinavia, Circa Date: Mid – 20th CenturyScandinavian design became a powerhouse during the early to mid 20th century and is still as popular today as ever. Scandinavian rugs rely on simplicity and geometric shapes to provide structure. In many ways, the iconic designs of Kristianstad Lans Hemslojd set the standard for Scandinavian rugs. This Swedish flat woven kilim rug is a breathtaking example of Scandinavian style that is sure to add a sense of comfort to any home’s interior design.

The vintage mid century rug uses geometry and symmetry to provide both a larger sense of scale as well as sense of exacting organization.

The colors depicted in this magnificent vintage Scandinavian Kristianstad Lans Hemslöjd rug drift and shift through a range of blues, charcoals, rusts, browns and smokey grays. The entire design is based on the geometry of the triangles and squares, giving it a sense of uniformity and symmetry that is a staple of the Scandinavian artistic aesthetic. The larger triangles, which are created through the use of color, draw the eye to the central focal point, creating a sense of order and depth.

The muted colors add a sense of calm and order that is not broken by a high level of contrast. The colors are reflective of the calming naturalist qualities of sky and earth as well as day and night.

This Kristianstad Lans Hemslöjd rug is a fine textile art piece. It can works as a magnificent area rug, but that could also be hung on a wall as a tapestry that exemplifies the 20th century Scandinavian design anesthetic.

This flat woven kilim rug begs to be displayed in a prominent place in the room where it can be admired and treasured as a reflection of the art movement that it represents. It will make a magnificent artistic statement regardless of where it is placed. This is a decorative carpet is signed by the artist – Kristianstad Lans Hemslöjd and is a fine and breathtaking work of textile art.

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