Vintage Swedish Runner 47693


Size: 3 ft x 8 ft (0.91 m x 2.44 m)

This gorgeous vintage Swedish rug is characterized both by its runner-length field of alternating blue stripes, as well as its exotic border of black and white patterns.

Vintage Swedish Rug, Origin: Sweden, Circa: Mid-20th Century—Here is a beautiful, elegant vintage Scandinavian rug—a graceful runner length piece, woven in the mid-twentieth century by the widely-admired carpet makers of Sweden. This runner length rug, approximately eight feet from top to bottom, is primarily characterized by the alternating horizontal stripes of soft blue and dark blue that run through almost the entirety of the piece.  A deceptively simple structure, this series of stripes is ingeniously framed by a running strip of inward-facing triangular elements, rendered in a shade of black that contrasts intriguingly with the more free-spirited tones of blue. In addition to being framed by these strong triangular figures, the blue-striped field is also bounded on the top and the bottom, here by horizontal bars of a soft shade of periwinkle. These bars, alone in the piece for their unique coloration, brilliantly frame the beginning and ending of the field, infusing it with an intriguing energy. The same can be said of the upper-most and bottom-most  horizontal elements, as well, as of the vertical borders on the extreme left and right of the piece, which are characterized by a fascinating zebra pattern of black and white stripes. A dazzling vintage carpet infused with whimsy and quietude, this is a dynamic composition.

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