Vintage Moroccan Rug 47191

Size: 4 ft x 7 ft 2 in (1.22 m x 2.18 m)
Origin: Morocco Rugs

This mesmerizing vintage mid-century Moroccan rug features a fluid, organic latticework pattern accented by symbolic decorations that are as old as time.

Vintage Moroccan Rug, Morocco, Mid-Century – Sleek linear patterns and esoteric symbols with ancient origins are combined in this elegant achromatic Moroccan vintage rug. This cultural work of art captures the traditions and universality of Moroccan designs, which are beloved for their luxurious neutral style and ancient decorations that are shrouded by the mystery of time. This beautiful mid century modern, vintage Moroccan rug, features scissoring lines and checkers cross the field, creating an immense latticework pattern that highlights shingles of luscious ivory pile and a host of checkered lozenge figures and glyphs rendered in ashen gray and walnut brown. The fluid, at times abstract designs are built using ancient motifs that have not only stood the test of time but have taken on an overwhelmingly modern appearance that is ideal for classically modern decor as well as spaces that are more traditional or eclectic.

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