Vintage Beni Ourain Moroccan Rug 46505

Size: 4 ft x 7 ft 4 in (1.22 m x 2.24 m)
Origin: Morocco Rugs

This exquisite, impeccably styled vintage Moroccan rug depicts a playful pattern of abstract Dalmatian spots that are set over a sumptuous downy white field.

Vintage Beni Ourain Moroccan Rug, Origin: Morocco, Circa: Mid 20th Century – Drawn in a striking modern fashion, this lavish vintage Beni Ourain Moroccan rug has the deluxe textures, the sublime visual qualities and the calming neutral colors that made these regional carpets an instant success in modern interiors. This graphic mid-century piece features an energetic pattern of abstract shapes and enigmatic symbols that create a modern dalmatian-style pattern. The varied intensity of the sharp java brown motifs subtly highlights open portions of the placid ivory-colored field, which is marked with rippling rows of luxurious pile shingles. Like the best classically modern pieces, this archetypal vintage mid-century modern Beni Ourain Moroccan rug features an ageless neutral color scheme and abstract designs that have an everlasting style.

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