Vintage Geometric Swedish Scandinavian Flat Woven Rug 49956

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Size: 6 ft 9 in x 9 ft 10 in (2.06 m x 3 m)

A Rare and Impressive Signed and Dated Vintage Geometric Swedish Scandinavian Flat Woven Kilim Rug, Country of Origin / Rugs Type: Vintage Scandinavian Rugs, Circa Date: 1946 – This rare piece of mid-20th century modern vintage Scandinavian rug design is impressive not only because it combines beautifully textured fiery colors, it is also an excellent example of mid century artwork. This magnificent flat woven rug is signed and dated by the artist and was produced in 1946.

To fully appreciate this vintage mid century modern rug, one has to understand its place in art or rug history. Modern Scandinavian design and minimalism depended on its use of clean lines that used a few design elements as the focus of its artistic principles. However, there is also a call for brilliant, vibrant colors to contrast the stark minimalism of the rest of the design. Area rugs were often an important part of the interior design features of the room, with the rugs and carpets representing a contrast to the other elements, such as the furniture and architectural features of the room. This is an excellent example of the use of a kilim rug that was more than likely used for this design purpose.

The Swedish rug design does not have horizontal or vertical symmetry, but it does have the suggestion of such using the intersection of two main lines that intersect in the approximate center of the room size rug. This gives the Scandinavian flat woven rug a sense of visual balance and a focal point. As the eye wanders across this vintage geometric Scandinavian kilim, it can follow many different lines both in line and in color blocks. The use of color makes the shapes appear to be interlocking, as if they are separate parts of a whole.

This unusual vintage Swedish Scandinavian flat woven rug would make an excellent addition to any mid century art collection, or any contemporary interior decor that focuses on line and form as the central component. The vibrant reds and earthy browns of this vintage Scandinavian rug make it a beautiful addition for any room that needs a bit of color.

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