Vintage Chinese Art Deco Round Rug 48051

Size: 3 ft 6 in x 3 ft 6 in (1.07 m x 1.07 m)
Origin: China

Though a vintage rug from the mid-twentieth century, this charming circular rug showcases some quintessentially Chinese design elements that are centuries old.

Beautiful and Decorative Vintage Chinese Art Deco Round Rug, Country Of China, Circa Date: Mid-Twentieth Century – This gorgeous textured midcentury Art Deco Chinese rug from the mid-20th century has a look that is soft and luxurious. This rug reflects a period when Chinese designs found their way into many artistic styles. Since the 18th century, the world has been fascinated with all things Oriental. During the 1920s, Oriental themes once again found themselves at the forefront of many design trends. The outer border of this rug is a classic Art Deco style separated from the central Chinese design by a row of gently drifting clouds.

This rug has an elegant look that would add a touch of Oriental flavor to any contemporary or retro design. One of the styles that have recently come back into popularity is chinoiserie. This style incorporates oriental elements into a design that reflects one’s individual tastes. All you need is a few Chinese accents to pull it off, and this rug would be the right touch.

The colors of the rug are delicate and soft. It has a long, plush pile that gives it a luxurious texture. They are reminiscent of romantic roses and watery blues. One of this year’s featured colors is Romance, which is almost an exact match for the main color of this rug. Of course, it would be the perfect complement to the ever-popular Millennial pink, too. This small piece is the perfect addition for a midcentury collection, and it would also complement trendy contemporary styles, too.

This cozy rug has delicate colors, but its Art Deco elements also give it an exotic feel. The colors would be perfect for a garden theme with its natural colors that are calm and serene. This carpet could also add an Oriental flavor to a modern geometric design where it would soften the lines and add contrast in form and texture. This is a unique and captivating vintage rug that does not come around often, and it would add the perfect Oriental touch to any space.

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