Vintage Afghan Camel Tent Band Rug 48987

Size: 7 ft 9 in x 1 ft 6 in (2.36 m x 0.46 m)

A Realist Approach and Beautiful Artistic Vintage Afghan Camel Motif Tent Band Rug, Rug type / Origin: Vintage Afghanistan Rug, Circa/ Rug Weaving Date: Last Quarter of the 20th Century – With a long design that is meant to convey concrete forms rather than abstract ideas, this beautiful vintage rug is an excellent choice for hallways and other long sections of ground that could benefit from a unifying touch. A single simple border surrounds the heart of the piece, with shrubs in a variety of different colors leading the eyes in a counter-clockwise direction around the frame.

At the heart of the Afghan camel motif tent band rug, several camels are tied together, led in a single direction by a man in a turban. A dog follows the caravan of five camels, each of which feature their own color and presence. Though the man’s profession is unclear, his sense of purpose is present, and viewers can sense that there is a clear sense of motivation behind his distant gaze. Two of the camels that are featured in this vintage Afghan rug turn away to look at the viewer, as if inviting them on the journey.

Steeped in history and cultural superstition, this vintage Afghan camel design tent band rug features a stellar collection of angular camels and rectilinear animals that are set against a snowy white background. The camel herder is seen at the very front of the procession leading the camels to their destination. Bringing up the rear is a whimsical sheep dog who is there to keep the camels in line.

Woven in a high low pile rug technique that is similar to the iconic souf rugs, the camel motifs seem to almost pop out from the tent band. The juxtaposition of the designs against the white background are further accentuated and given a life-like quality by the embossed rendering of the designs. Truly fun and whimsical, this piece would make an amazing kids room area rug or anywhere else where you want to add a little child like innocence.

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