Tribal Primitive Antique Rustic Turkish Oushak Hallway Runner Rug 46711

Size: 3 ft 3 in x 14 ft 8 in (0.99 m x 4.47 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

Drawn in an angular Anatolian style, this magnificent early 20th century Oushak rug depicts a stunning large-scale arabesque with bold colors and graphic motifs.

Antique Turkish Oushak Runner Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Antique Turkish Rug, Circa Date: Early 20th Century – Evocative of ancient cultures and primitive works of art, this splendid antique Turkish Oushak rug depicts a dramatic over-stylized large-scale arabesque. Carefully outlined botanical figures and cleverly hidden protection symbols punctuate the soft mineral gray field, which has a balanced classical appearance. These charming rustic emblems are arranged in a formal composition and rendered in a noble selection of vermillion, slate and wheat that gives this antique Turkish rug a stylistic duality that hearkens back to the primitive while pressing forward to the modern. Protective serpent-filled outer borders and rich red main borders filled with cengel or S-hook motifs highlight the positive and negative space created by the graphic patterns and limited color scheme. This stunning antique rug has an alluring, even fascinating, appearance created by the bold colors and cryptic design elements.

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