Tribal Ivory Background Vintage Turkish Mid Century Modern Area Rug 42437

Size: 9 ft 4 in x 9 ft 10 in (2.84 m x 3 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

Created in Turkey, this elegant Bakshaish rug features an airy flower garden composition incorporating delicate neutrals and a number of high-contrast colors.

Mid-Century Vintage Turkish Rug – Complex medallions, towering Tree of Life motifs and elegant floral emblems arranged in a spacious flower garden composition decorate the delicately colored ivory field of this vintage Turkish rug which was inspired by the antique Bakshaish rugs from Persia. This elegant antique rug features angular floral palmettes with complex outlines rendered in a surprising selection of delicate neutrals that are paired with oxidized Persian blue and fiery vermillion red. Loosely spaced floral medallions with angular contours create a high impact pattern that possesses a reserved air of elegance. Zigzagging running water borders incorporating oxidized blue and vibrant red details separate the soft papyrus-colored field from the angular vine scroll borders. The loosely spaced borders feature angular vine scrolls and enunciated floral motifs with dramatic petals. Hairline outlines and contrasting details add definition to each intricate floral pattern that decorates this elegant Vintage Turkish Rug.

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