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Tribal Antique Light Blue Room Size Persian Medallion Design Heriz Area Rug 71472

Size: 8 ft 7 in x 11 ft 3 in (2.62 m x 3.43 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Breathtaking Antique Persian Heriz Area Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Persian Rug, Circa date: 1920 – Heriz is an ancient city with a rug weaving tradition that goes back many centuries. Its Persian rugs are created in small villages throughout the region. They are known for their brilliant reds and blues with designs that often feature bold medallions and their adventurous artistry. This gorgeous antique Persian Heriz rug was created around 1920 has an adventurous design that will add pattern and contrast to the room. It is a bold piece that has plenty of charm and personality.

The most common design that one finds in the Heriz region is a central medallion that is surrounded by layers of contrasting color to set it apart. But this Persian Heriz Serapi rug strays from the classic design and features the anchor medallion but flanked with lighter color tones. This gives the antique rug a feeling of space and grand scale. This tribal rug has a distinctive tribal feel that would be perfect for adding color and pattern to a Boho chic room design.

Persian rugs are the perfect way to bridge stylistically different elements in the room to create a cohesive and balanced design. This is one of the favorite ways that designers use these rugs. You can easily use this rug to unify a collection of your favorite things into a single design that is a unique reflection of your personality.

This antique Persian Heriz rug has a soft texture and beautiful detail in design elements. In today’s interiors, the trend is toward creating spaces that feel intimate and inviting. Designers create this feeling by layering patterns and textures. This blue rug will add an exotic feel to a room with plants and accessories made from natural materials. Its brilliant colors will inspire the accessories, window treatments, and artwork throughout the space. This Persian Heriz rug has a tribal charm and unique design that will inspire your creativity and allow you to create a design that is a unique reflection of you.

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