Marta Gahn (Märta Gahn)

Scandinavian Rugs and Carpets by artist Marta Gahn (Märta Gahn)

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Marta Gahn Rugs and Carpets – Vintage mid-century Scandinavian rugs and carpets have a unique history. During the middle decades of the twentieth century, a number of illustrious artists and designers from all over Scandinavia took to designing fine rugs and carpets. This renaissance of carpet weaving resulted in some of the finest mid-century rugs ever produced, with a distinct Scandinavian aesthetic. The Swedish master weaver Märta Gahn (1891-1973) had a long and successful career as a weaver and textile designer creating some of the first printed fabrics featuring Scandinavian art deco designs. From 1910 -1915, Gahn attended Stockholm’s School of Higher Art and Design.
Märta Gahn was one of several Swedish weavers with works selected for the International Exhibition of 1925 held in Paris as well as a 1927 exhibition of northern European area rugs organized by the Musée des Arts Décoratifs following the success of Sweden’s appearance in the previous event. As a master weaver represented by the Society of Swedish Homecraft, Märta Gahn’s rugs are signed with the initials MG. Gahn’s work is both unique and representative of important developments in mid-century Scandinavian rug design. The traditional is married with the modern, and a bright pallet infuses life into her work. A uniquely talented figure, Gahn is one of the premier mid-century Swedish rug designers.

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