Stripped Antique Flat Woven Silk Persian Jajim Kilim Rug 47156

Size: 8 ft x 8 ft (2.44 m x 2.44 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs
Style: Kilim Rugs

This charming Persian jajim kilim has a posh oxidized visage with delicate mineral-tone stripes that are ideal for innumerable design applications in any room.

Soft Color Stripped Pattern Flat Woven Antique Silk Persian Jajim Kilim Rug, Origin Of Rug: Persia, Woven Date / Circa: 1920’s – The gorgeous, energetic color of this classic striped rug is perfect for a number of more recent color trends. Stripes are a classic that continues to evolve over time, yet the basic concept remains unchanged.

This quintessential Persian Jajim is designed for draping and perfect for a profound variety of interior decorating projects. The delicate mineral tones and classical stripes have a posh appearance that is transformed when draped over furnishings or set on ottomans and settees. This square coverlet has an elegant tribal style with textural flat-weave stripes woven in soft earthy colors. The mineral color palette includes sandy tans, peach tones and oxidized grays that are inherently luxurious. Textural flat-weave decorations add an extra layer of pattern and detail to the simplistic striped design. Following tribal traditions, this decorative flat-weave textile embodies the alluring style of chic neutral tones and harmonious repeating designs, including the simple and enduring stripe, which are at the core of many traditional patterns and com-positional themes in Persian rug style.

The soft use of color transformation of this carpet also makes it the perfect piece for an eclectic or Boho chic room. You could create a calm and zen like feeling in your home’s interior design by using the beautiful array of colors of the flat woven Persian Jajim rug as inspiration. It is the perfect piece for a room with many different layers of color and texture.

This antique rug has a simple, minimalist stripe based design pattern which means that it holds many possibilities for the more modern design trends. It is the perfect beginning for creating a space that is warm and inviting. This flat woven Persian Jajim kilim rug is a design essential for the modern interior.

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