Square Yellow Abstract Mid Century Modern Rug 60766

Size: 5 ft 1 in x 5 ft 2 in (1.55 m x 1.57 m)

Gorgeous Square Yellow Abstract Mid Century Modern Rug, Rug Type / Origin: India, Circa Date: Modern Rug – This gorgeous mid century modern style area rug is perfect if you want to create a retro look or if you want to create something bold and contemporary. It is a creative and artistic rug that is perfect for adding an artistic touch to the space.

This magnificent modern contemporary area rug has an organic feel that uses color blocking as a central design theme. You could easily carry this color-blocking theme throughout the rest of the space with a contemporary couch, throw pillows, or a color-blocked wall that features the colors of the rug.

You could further enhance the theme by adding a few throw pillows and simple accent pieces, such as a Mid-century modern lamp or an interesting geometric vase. You could soften the lines of the room by adding in a tufted couch or chair and an arm-knit pouf.

This magnificent handmade area rug woven in India allows you to create a color theme in the space that is soft and reflects the colors of spring flowers. It will add a look to the room that is fresh and contemporary but that allows you to reflect Mid-century modern influences throughout the space. It would be perfect for a room that is a collection of vintage and modern pieces.

A few mid century modern art pieces would be the perfect touch to highlight the pattern and create a balanced and inspired theme. This beautiful rug is the perfect size for creating a vignette or defining a reading nook in a corner of the room. It would make the perfect base for a square glass top table where you can enjoy the gorgeous colors and design of the square shape rug. This is a magnificent handmade area rug that you will want to place in a space where you can enjoy the design in its entirety. It is simply a beautiful piece for creating a room where you can relax and enjoy your space.

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