Square Oversize Vintage Spanish Carpet 47637

Size: 18 ft x 19 ft (5.49 m x 5.79 m)
Origin: Spain Rugs

This charming vintage Spanish carpet is characterized by its square shape, as well as its attractive allover pattern, which is resplendent with floral elements.

Vintage Oversize Spanish Rug, Spain, Country of Origin: Spain, Circa Date: 1920’s – Here is a charming vintage rug – an oversized carpet woven in Spain during the mid-twentieth century. This large-scale piece is just about a perfect square, at eighteen feet wide by nineteen feet long. Because of its shape, the allover pattern that characterizes almost the entire composition is allowed to unfold in a symmetrical manner, giving the entire piece a feeling of balance. Moving from the outside inward, the first thing that we see is a thin outer-border of a pale shade of green. Simple and unadorned, this border is followed by a pair of even narrower strips, these red and then black. Next comes the primary border – a thicker, pale gold band that is decorated with a series of interlinked hexagonal shapes, which take on the appearance of a continuous chain. Within each hexagonal figure is a small two-toned detail piece, the repetition of which create a sense of movement. A pair of thin inner borders in pale red and ivory separate the border from the large, sprawling field, which is a soft tone, somewhere in-between a true ivory and a soft brown. This lightness of the field allows for the allover floral pattern to stand out, even as it is rendered in tones of pale green, yellow, and orange. Dozens of flowers and even more detail elements dance across this vast field, giving the impression of activity and interplay within the field. A charming composition, this vintage Spanish rug is steeped in beauty.

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