Splendid Small Antique Turkish Bergama Rug 71262

Size: 4 ft 8 in x 7 ft 2 in (1.42 m x 2.18 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

Splendid Small Antique Turkish Bergama Rug, Country of Origin: Turkey, Circa date: 1880 – Bergama is a famous carpet weaving city with a tradition that dates to the 1300s. Its antique Turkish area rugs are known for their bold, geometric rug designs that are reflected in some of the most famous carpets in the world, including the famed “Lotto carpets” of the Renaissance. This breathtaking piece was created in the 1880s, and the motifs retain many of the stylistic traits of these iconic designs.

The tribal antique Turkish Bergama rugs hold a unique place for Oriental rug collectors. They were the dominant style on the global market through the 16th century when Persian rugs began to take over. The antique carpets from Bergama continued to retain their status and provide a tribal contrast to the more refined flowy designs of the Persian city made carpets.

The design of this Bergama carpet reflects the bold style of traditional Turkish rugs. The high-contrast colors are perfect for modern styles that include Boho Chic and more eclectic styles. The simple motifs of this carpet give it a primitive feel that accentuates the classic design.

This Turkish Bergama carpet could easily be used in a room of bold and colorful accents. You could also use it to add color to a neutral grey or gray and blue room. It would add an elegant touch to a room of traditional or classic furniture. You could also use it to create a more modern style or to give the room a Mediterranean interior design look.

This antique Turkish rug would be the perfect complement to a room of oversized plants and textured throws. You could use it to bridge modern and antiques in the same space. Designers continue to find new ways to use these classic designs, and this rug will make the perfect way to add color and personality to your space. It will allow you to create a space that has both a modern and classic feel that is balanced and makes a statement.

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