Rare Collectible Antique Tribal Geometric Rustic Turkish Bergama Rug 44627

Size: 5 ft 10 in x 6 ft 10 in (1.78 m x 2.08 m)
Origin: Turkish Rugs

A design of diamond medallions repeats in allover symmetry on this outstanding antique Bergama.

Collectible Rare Antique Tribal Turkish Bergama Rug, Weaving Origin: Turkey, Circa / Date: 19th Century – A design of diamond medallions with latch-hook contours repeats in allover symmetry on this outstanding antique Bergama carpet. The medallions along the central axis are rendered in single colors, while those to the sides are quartered, giving the composition a dynamic spontaneity. The main border has a classic diamond lattice pattern derived from the classic Turkish rugs of the early Ottoman period, with minor borders of checkers and barber poles to add a subtle framing reinforcement. But however striking the design may be, it is the palette of rich reds, blues, terracotta and ivory that makes this piece so extraordinary, even among the very best Bergama rugs.

Antique Turkish Bergama rugs have a tribal character that makes them a beautiful addition to formal and casual room designs. Antique Turkish rugs that are tribal in design, tend to feature geometric shapes and ancient tribal symbols that add a human touch to their personality. The vibrant reds and blues make it the perfect rug for traditional and contemporary room designs.

Bergama rugs closely resemble Caucasian rugs in their colors and motifs. Their symmetry and bold designs fit into a range of traditional and contemporary design styles. Turkish tribal rugs add a primitive feel to the room that can help tone down a formal room to give it a more casual feel.

They are the perfect way to define an area for conversation surrounded by modern furniture in solid colors. Designers use these antique rugs to accent simple contemporary furniture in solid grays, creams, or earthy browns. Choosing a few accent colors from the antique Turkish area rug adds balance to the room and enhances the theme. Turkish tribal rugs are a classic that never seems to go out of style, and designers continue to find new ways to use them to add color and an exotic flavor to the décor.

This smaller rug is the perfect size for an urban apartment or studio. You could use it in a conversation area or front of a fireplace for a cozy setting. In a larger space, this square shape area rug could be used to define a functional area, such as a space for a home office. The long central design would make an excellent space for a modern glass-top coffee table.

The gorgeous primitive designs and magnificent colors of this antique Turkish Bergama rug spark the imagination and provide almost endless design possibilities. If your decor style is a little on the Boho Chic or eclectic side, this rug is essential for creating a relaxing sanctuary. The rugs from the Caucasus can serve as a bridge between different stylistic elements in the same space. If your design style includes a few of your family heirlooms along with some modern pieces, this Bergama rug will help you create a cohesive room design. Any way you decide to use it, it is a gorgeous piece that adds character to any room.

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