Soft Purple Color Geometric Modern Transitional Area Rug 61039

Size: 5 ft 10 in x 9 ft 5 in (1.78 m x 2.87 m)

Geometric Modern Transitional Rug, Country Of Origin: Pakistan, Circa date: Modern – Transitional design is about the marriage of one or more design concepts into a single space. Traditionally, this design concept is applied to combining classic furniture with modernist pieces. The idea developed in the 1950’s as a way to combine modern pieces with those of a previous era. As modernism became popular, architectural styles began to favor open spaces and bright, vibrant colors. Today, this style remains popular, but it now incorporates a wider range of décor styles into a single space. This gorgeous area rug from Pakistan is the perfect foundation for a transitional room.

The modern rug combines neutral colors and simple, geometric shapes for a piece that creates a feeling of timelessness. It creates a clean look that would make an excellent way to combine ultra-modern and vintage pieces. The key to creating a transitional space is using contrast. You could create the look by adding in a few curves, or perhaps, a favorite heirloom piece. By keeping with the theme of the area rug, you could create a modern look.

This rug, from our modern transitional area rugs collection, will help to define a functional area in an open-plan space. It is the perfect area rug for a dining room, conversation area, bedroom, or any room of the home. This modern rug has a soft feel underfoot and will add texture to the space.

One of the more recent trends in interior design is creating a space that reflects your unique style. Breaking the traditional rules of interior design has become the new norm. Often, interior designers will choose the perfect rug for the space, and then, add the furniture and accessories. Transitional design and rugs often begins with a collection of different styles, shapes, and colors. This gorgeous, neutral transitional rug allows you to create a space that feels serene and calm for the perfect cozy sanctuary.

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