Soft Pastel Color Allover Design Modern Flat Weave Contemporary Kilim Rug 801864413

Size: 10 ft x 14 ft (3.05 m x 4.27 m)

Modern Flat Weave Rug, Origin: Central Asia – This beautiful modern flat weave rug has a modern and earthy feel. Designers are using color and gentle flowing designs to bring an element of the natural world indoors. This carpet has a gentle flow, like rippling waters touched by the sunlight, or perhaps reflecting the natural scenery around a body of water.

The piece has a gentle and soothing flow. The artist created motion by allowing the shapes and colors to blend into each other in an organic way. The colors of the rug are largely neural grays, browns, and creams. The artist mixed in a bit of soft Millennial pink and sky blue to add a touch of color, but in a way that does not disturb the calm and balanced feel of the piece.

This piece is a contemporary abstract work of art, but it also adds a feeling of mid-century abstract expressionist painting style. It would be the perfect way to update a retro-inspired room and give it a fresh look. In an ultra-modern space that uses color blocking and simple forms, this piece allows for a wide range of colors and combinations.

The artist used gentle shifts within the shapes to ease the transitions using color gradients and subtle differences in the shading. The colors are generally on the neutral and lighter side of the spectrum, with a few deeper tones added in for contrast. In general, this rug has a light and airy feel.

This is a beautiful kilim rug that complements a range of popular and trendy color palettes. It brings an organic feel to the space and reflects the natural world in its shifting patterns and gentle color transitions. It is the perfect piece for creating a calming and relaxing sanctuary in the home.

The modern rug has a feeling of motion and flow that it will carry into the rest of the space for an updated and contemporary look. It represents a new way of thinking about color and design in rugs that is fresh and contemporary. It is an inspiration piece that sets the tone for the rest of the room design.

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