Soft Ivory Tribal Modern Turkish Oushak Area Rug 60474

Size: 6 ft 5 in x 10 ft 3 in (1.96 m x 3.12 m)

A Remarkable Soft Ivory Tribal Modern Turkish Oushak Area Rug, Country of Origin: Turkey, Circa Date: Modern – This modern carpet has plenty of old-world charm and a design that is inspired by classic carpets of the Ottoman Empire, but it was made for today’s modern design trends. Grays and earthy tones continue to be a staple when designers want to create a space that is calm and balanced. Nature-inspired patterns and colors are featured this year’s popular design magazines, and this rug is the perfect match.

Popular colors this year include cider spice, creamy mushroom, earthy browns, gentle coastal blues, and red pepper. The artist used this palette as the inspiration for this floral design that brings the natural world indoors. This rug was created with muted tones to give it a natural feel that is the perfect complement to a neutral room.

The colors of this modern Oushak rug are spicy yet subdued enough to create a feel that is soft, gentle, and cozy. In a neutral space, it adds just enough color to give it interest and add a bit of texture and pattern to the design without being too overpowering. Accenting with accessories in the colors of spices, such as cayenne and saffron, would make the perfect contemporary dining area. It would also pair well with mixed metallics, including chrome, hand-forged wrought iron, copper, and bronze.

The design of this rug is inspired by the ancient weaving traditions of the Turkish city of Oushak and surrounding villages. These traditional Oushak rug designs are known for taking classic designs and then modifying them to give them a bold, abstract quality. In this design, the artist took these traditional elements and made them larger to create a modern look that is perfect for today’s open, contemporary spaces.

This rug could be the perfect inspiration for a Boho chic space with its tribal-inspired character. It is also the perfect way to soften a streamlined, ultra-modern design. This rug has an intentionally aged appearance that reflects the past yet presents the motifs in a way that is fresh and contemporary. This rug is the perfect blend of old and new for a design that is organic yet reflects modern style and design tastes.

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