Soft Earth Tones Modern Boho Chic Wool Area Rug 142705194

Size: 6 ft 6 in x 11 ft 9 in (1.98 m x 3.58 m)

Soft And Trendy Earth Tones Boho Chic Modern Area Wool Rug, Rug’s Origin: Central Asia, Date It Was Woven: Modern / New Rug – Beautiful, earthy and organic describe the feeling of this two-toned modern carpet from central Asia. It uses natural wool color and geometric design to create a carpet that will add a peaceful, rustic feel to the room. It would be the perfect piece for a couch with many different textured throw pillows in neutral tones or a room filled with plants and natural materials.

This carpet explores the versatility and possibilities of simple design and attention to quality. The rug is created using a pile weaving technique in natural colors. The braided fringe creates a Boho chic feel that would be an excellent addition to rustic room décor. This touch adds another dimension to the tribal feel of the rug.

The pile of the rug is created using a technique where the pile is spaced between a larger number of weft rows. The pile is less dense, which gives it a course, primitive feel. You can see the base of the knots, which adds to the texture of the rug and serves as a unique design element. It gives the carpet the appearance of a coarse fur. This creates a luscious space for relaxing and enjoying its warmth.

This is a beautifully designed piece that has an unusual character. The weaver strayed from the unusual use of density to create a piece that feels like a warm hug for your feet. It has a warm and cozy feel that would be the perfect touch for a Scandinavian modern room. The design and color palette is simple and would add depth to a minimalist design.

The natural, organic feel of the carpet would pair well with other elements that represent the natural world in their materials and design. The use of line and form in this carpet creates a sense of scale, with areas of denser lines offsetting the visual effect of the squares with fewer vertical elements. In general, this carpet has vertical motion and would make the space look longer and narrower. This would work well in an area under a coffee table between two couches. It would also make a smaller space look larger.

This carpet is like a soft, warm hug that is modern and versatile. This rug would make the perfect design element to create a relaxing and peaceful space.

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