Small Tribal Neutral Earth-Tone Color Antique Persian Baluch Bag 46123

Size: 1 ft x 1 ft 5 in (0.3 m x 0.43 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Rows of long wooly fringes and intricate wolf’s mouth symbols create a bold series of horizontal stripes that decorate this spectacular antique Baluch bag from Persia.

Rare Antique Persian Baluch Bag, Bag’s Country of Origin: Persia, Circa / Date Of Creation: First quarter of the 20th century – This beautifully detailed Persian Baluch bag depicts a stunning triad of long, woolly fringes, that pop against a series of intricate wolf’s mouth motifs, which are placed over a nuanced brown background. The wolf’s mouth is one of the most important protection symbols for farmers and semi-nomadic groups that maintain herds of cattle, which are susceptible to predators. Secondary rows of decorative embellishments flank the graphic series of scissoring wolf’s mouth motifs and interlaced lozenges that cross this artful bag. This exquisite Baluch bag with its lush fringes and serious symbolic decorations represent the creative ways Baluchi weavers incorporate superstition and art into functional items. An appealing composition, this antique Baluch bag from Persia is also an important and noteworthy cultural artifact, the construction and composition of which offers a unique and intimate insight into an entire culture.

The antique rugs that were woven by the Baluchi people tend to feature very earthy colors and their rugs boast tribal designs and more primitive patterns. This rare and collectible antique Persian Baluch bag, was woven in very much the same way. The colors are very much earthy and in line with what we see in the Persian rugs by these creative people. The designs and patterns are also broken down to their more basic form which is also very much inline with what we would expect to see in the tribal textile art woven by the Persian Baluchi textile weavers.

While some people do buy these pieces to use as Fashion statements as they are extremely artistic and most people have not seen these used in regular day to day life. Other people like to hang them on the wall like tapestries or little cubbies for placing keepsakes.

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