Small Tribal Geometric Pattern Antique 19th Century Persian Kurdish Bag 2203

Size: 1 ft 8 in x 2 ft 2 in (0.51 m x 0.66 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

The primitive design within the field of this lovely little antique Kurdish bag / area rug from Persia has one stylized blossom, an excerpt from a larger allover design.

Small Tribal And Collectible Antique Kurdish Rug / Bag, Origin Country / Weaving Location: Northwest Persia, Circa / Weaving Date: 1880 – The Kurdish tribes occupy an area that includes Western Iran, Eastern Turkey, the Caucasus Mountains, and the mountains of Persian Azerbaijan. The groups known as Kurds have a varied lifestyle that includes nomadic culture and others who are modern-city dwellers. The designs and colors of Kurdish rugs are as beautiful and varied as the people themselves. This particular carpet is characteristic of designs the western Iran area near Bidjar.

This antique Persian bag features a beautiful display of happy colors and lively traditional designs. The tribal designs of antique Persian Kurdish carpets were influenced by the area in which the particular group settled, or traveled. Kurdish designs are known for complex borders and the liberal use of blues, pinks, oranges, greens, and yellows. This creates a color palette that is saturated and a bit on the playful side. The result is spectacular, as this piece demonstrates.

Among the Kurdish tribes, carpet weaving is a family affair. Even the children participate and learn the craft from an early age. Sometimes, you can spot an area that looks as if it were woven by more unsteady and experienced hands. Then, more experienced hands took over once again. This unique characteristic of Kurdish rugs connects them to the traditions and people that created them. They are a piece of cultural heritage and a beautiful piece of artwork.

This magnificent tiny antique rug has an earthy quality in its colors and design. It would be perfect for modern color palettes that include colors such as Living Coral, Bluebird, Red Pepper, and Golden Yellows. Its vibrant and lively feel would be perfect for a Boho chic design room, or a room that needs a piece that has a global and well-traveled look and is small enough to fit almost anywhere.

The field of this lovely little antique Kurdish rug is diminutive, consisting of one stylized blossom that is an excerpt of a larger allover Kurdish area rug design. Pride of place is given to the lovely border of stylized flowerheads, derived from Turkish Ghiordes carpets.

This antique rug offers an interesting example of the ties between Kurdish weaving in Persia and Anatolia or Turkey. The rug colors are rich and saturated with the vibrant reds, greens, blues and oranges for which Kurdish rugs are prized. These colors recur in the beautiful kilim end with its interlocking stepped pattern, nicely counterpointing the patterns of the field.

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