Small Square Size Antique Chinese Grand Shou-Motif Medallion Rug 47225

Size: 1 ft 2 in x 1 ft 2 in (0.36 m x 0.36 m)
Origin: China

Simplified and distilled to the most essential elements, this antique Chinese pile mat depicts a striking shou-symbol medallion surrounded by strong indigo borders.

Antique Chinese Rug, Origin: China, Circa: 1900 – This iconography small antique Chinese rug features a grand shou-motif medallion rendered in a stark, characteristically Chinese selection of saturated indigo blue and warm manila yellow. Regarded as an auspicious symbol of longevity, the potent shou symbol appears throughout Chinese designs. This symbol can be found in buildings, functional items and art as well as the Five Blessings and triad of so-called star gods. The exquisite depiction in this antique Chinese rug has a strong style and crispness that is simple, elegant and has immeasurable visual power. The strong fretwork lines, hidden pinyin figures and circular coves are offset sharply by the plush manila ground and understated two-tone borders. The strong color palette and powerful composition give this diminutive small antique Chinese rug an impressive level of formality suitable for the powerful, distinguished shou figure, which is revered for its iconography value.

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