Small Size Tribal Geometric Design Brown Color Antique Persian Kurdish Rug 45155

Size: 3 ft 5 in x 5 ft 8 in (1.04 m x 1.73 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Woven in Persia during the 1900s, this antique Kurdish rug is decorated with a series of symbolic medallions set over a subtly abrashed chocolaty brown field.

Small Brown Color Tribal Geometric Pattern Antique Kurdish Scatter Rug, Persia, 1900’s – This antique Kurdish rug from Persia features strong borders, ancient protection symbols and a vibrant palette of traditional colors. Leaf and wine cup borders embellished with colorful latch hooks set over an ivory background enclose the chocolaty brown field. Angular S-hooks and checkered symbols for protection against the evil eye dot the field of this traditional Kurdish rug. Dragon motif medallions decorated with extended latch hooks dominate the composition of the field. Spiraling latch hooks with poly chromatic accents complement the coco brown, cyan and red color scheme. Woven in the 1900’s, this antique Kurdish rug represents the best of tribal weaving traditions.

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