Small Scatter Size Tribal Antique Caucasian Kuba Rug 72556

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Size: 3 ft 6 in x 4 ft 3 in (1.07 m x 1.3 m)

Vibrant Small Scatter Size Tribal Antique Caucasian Kuba Rug, Country of origin: Caucasian Rugs, Circa date: 1900 – The antique Caucasian Kuba rugs are one of the favored types of antique Caucasian rugs. They are loved for their delightful primitive motifs and gorgeous colors. These captivating antique area rugs have dense designs that often change from one end of the rug to the other, giving them a spontaneous and artistic quality. Each motif appears to be the spontaneous decision of the weaver working from patterns that have been passed down through centuries from one generation to the next.

This Kuba rug was created around 1900. Each village in the area is known for its unique style and color palette. One of the unique features of this rug is that you can see the work of several different weavers, suggesting that it was woven on a family level or perhaps, as a way to teach a younger weaver the craft. You will notice that the scale of the design changes along the vertical axis. Also, one of the large motifs in the center appears to have been cut off before it was completed. Regardless of the reason for these traits, This beautiful, unique rug is a special and unique piece that adds an element of the human touch to the design.

Another feature that sets this small antique tribal area rug apart is its variety of deep, rich and darker rug colors. It uses brilliant shades of pink, red, brown, blue, and green for a striking palette that will brighten any corner of your home. This rug is of a smaller size and could be used as an area or accent rug. You could also mount it and hang it as a striking piece of artwork for your walls. This Kuba rug is unique, even when compared to other rugs from the area. It adds energy to the space and is perfect for adding color to your room design. It is perfect for a Boho Chic or contemporary space where it will make a statement that is sure to please.

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